Gary MacDonald

Gary MacDonald

Executive Vice President >

The 25 professionals that comprise AIM HR Solutions have been doing this work for a good long while. We have been there in the trenches with many hundreds of employers since our inception some 15 years ago, bringing hard-to-find HR capabilities to bear on all manner of workforce-related challenges. The team includes real experts in all facets of HR, so the AIM HR Solutions person you engage with has direct access when needed to other in-house skilled specialists. Whether it’s acquiring, developing or retaining talent, developing a cohesive and cost-effective HR plan, or taking prudent HR compliance measures, we can help.
We also take pride in advancing the profession and community of HR, through numerous educational programs, HR Roundtables, one-on-one advice, counsel and mentorship.  We’ve come to know hundreds of people with HR responsibility (there by choice or by chance) who use us for direct help or just as a sounding board.  And for this, we couldn’t be happier!  

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