About AIM HR Solutions

Where do you turn when your HR needs extend beyond your internal HR resources?

AIM HR Solutions can help.  

We are a group of very talented, experienced HR professionals who have worked in nearly every industry sector and every HR competency. We excel at working with companies to address their specific HR or training needs in a way that fits their culture, their timeframe, and their budget.

Whether your company needs ongoing support, someone to lead and manage an HR project, or onsite training we have the expertise and HR talent to meet your needs.

As you look through our website, you will see that we have segmented HR into three areas.  

In each of these three areas on the website, we provide information and resources to help you address your needs. We have sections called “How Do I” which are common questions that companies have as they try to determine how to tackle a particular area of concern within HR. Each of the three website areas also provides information on products, services, and training we provide to address these topics.  

Take a minute and explore the website. Things like the HR Checkup provide valuable HR information. Better yet, reach out and connect with us to talk about your HR needs.


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