State and federal employment law regulations can change so rapidly that companies can quickly become vulnerable without even being aware. Human Resource professionals play a fundamental role in ensuring their businesses do not become exposed to these risks. Partner with AIM HR Solutions as an essential resource to stay proactive in responding to these changes.

Not only do we monitor, interpret and pragmatically translate these regulations to employers but are often involved earlier as the laws are being developed.

Training Development & Online Learning

Employment Law considerations are threaded through all aspects of Human Resources. Not only for HR practitioners but even more so for Managers and Supervisors. AIM HR Solutions provides a broad range of focused educational programs on both fundamental topics and emerging hot issues. These are offered in public session and/or onsite at a company’s location.



Remaining compliant in the face of all these changes can be achieved by reading, studying the issue, subscribing to AIM’s publications or referencing the news section of the AIM HR Solutions website. For many issues, this will be sufficient to get you to where you need to be. In other cases, direct help may be called for. We provide this help in numerous ways, such as:

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