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A well-written handbook sets forth your expectations and describes what employees can expect from your company. Take the stress out of remaining up-to-date and legally compliant by having us help you create the right handbook. 

Handbook Review

If you have a current employee handbook, but it has not been reviewed for 2 or 3 years, then this option is the one for you.

One of our handbook experts will examine your existing handbook to help ensure that it is relevant and compliant. We review it from employee, HR and general management perspectives.

We evaluate it on structure and style, clarity and consistency, as well as compliance and risk issues.

Observations, along with suggested additions, deletions and modifications are delivered in a fully notated document, followed by a telephone call from the reviewer to discuss options.

You make final decisions appropriate for your organization and update your employee handbook. 

If you are not currently a subscriber to our handbook subscription service – we will also provide you a one-time complimentary subscription for the remainder of the calendar year once your Handbook Review is complete. This is an excellent way to keep your handbook up to date with regulatory changes.  This offer is not available on prior handbook reviews.

Model Handbook

If your handbook is still on your to-do list, needs major revisions or has not been updated in 4 years, choose this option. Select from two versions of almost 40 model policies to obtain the level of detail right for your organization. The fully customizable Word document includes disclaimers and other elements critical for management flexibility and compliance with key state and federal employment laws. Click here to purchase the Model Handbook.

Purchasers of the Model Handbook who are not already members of AIM HR Solutions Handbook Subscription Service will also receive a complimentary subscription to our Handbook Subscription Service for the remainder of the calendar year of purchase.  This offer is not available on prior purchases.

AIM HR Solutions Handbook Subscription Program
New Laws. New Policies. Timely Updates.

Whether you choose a handbook review or use the model handbook, how do you keep your employee handbook up to date when there are constant regulatory changes? The tracking of both Federal and Massachusetts laws may sometimes be daunting. AIM HR Solutions offers a handbook subscription program for an annual fee that will meet this need.

We’ll keep you abreast of key legislative and regulatory changes along with timely policy and practice issues. Our model policies are created or updated and delivered to you via email as developments occur throughout the year. 

Subscribers will typically receive two to three policies a year—more if legislative and regulatory changes require it. 

For more information on our employee handbook services, please fill out the contact form below or contact Beth Yohai at 617.488.8335 or BYohai@AIMHRSolutions.com.

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