The Fair and Equitable Workplace

Program Length: Half-day

Availability: Offered as part of the Management Certificate Series; as an individual session in public training and as an option to bring onsite to your location.

Who Should Attend: This program is aimed at participants who supervise others at all organizational levels.  

Overview: Otherwise known as Today’s Legal Environment, Part II. Our continually evolving culture, pressures in the workplace for immediate results, evolving legal standards and changes in employee expectations continue to pressure a manager’s sense of fairness. This program goes beyond simple legal compliance to developing a workplace environment that builds both the business and the relationships within it.

Course Description
The program will review the historical changes in the workplace from the perspectives of legal evolution, employee expectations, multi-generational participation and management practices to establish the uniqueness of today’s workplace and employee expectations. Participants will understand the relationship between their organization’s culture and their individual role in promoting and living those cultural expectations.  We’ll review today’s changing legal requirement with a particular focus on managerial accountability for maintaining a fair and equitable workplace, including discussion of bullying, sexual preference and gender identification. The program will also review recent changes within the Department of Labor and National Labor Relations Board and how current rulemaking impacts the leader’s role in dealing with their subordinates.

Participants Will Learn To:

  • Understand the changing nature of the workplace from a historical perspective
  • Understand how changes in the employee population and subsequent changes in expectations impact their role
  • Learn the impact of today’s legal environment, and recent changes in society and law influence their role
  • Learn their obligations in representing their organization’s culture
  • Use Individual Development Planning to foster continuous learning in the subject

This class is offered as onsite training at your location. For more information contact Beth Yohai

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