Leading a Multicultural Workforce

Navigating through the complexities of the emerging workforce

Program Length: Half-day (3.5 hours)

Availability: Offered as part of the Supervisory Certificate Series, as an individual session in public training and as an option to bring onsite to your location.

Overview: This program provides front-line leaders with the tools to increase awareness of cultural influences on behavior. During the session, we will explore the impact of respectful behavior and responsibilities evident in a highly functioning team. We'll also discuss the phenomenon of a multi-generational workforce to enhance effectiveness in communication with people from diverse backgrounds.

Participants Will Learn To:

  • Discover best practices for leading employees of differing backgrounds
  • Address multi-generational differences among employees
  • Discover methods for inclusion that provide employees with equal opportunities to make the most of their strengths
  • Review language and cultural issues that may affect recruitment, retention, and teambuilding

Program Content:

  • Detailed analysis of diversity; what it is and isn't
  • Group discussion exploring the various diversity issues impacting the participants 
  • Exploration into perceptions, stereotypes
  • Exercise on culture analysis of our own programming
  • Review of the generational definitions and impact on the workplace
  • Hands on development of strategies in building mutual respect and effective functioning in a diverse team

This class is offered as onsite training at your location. For more information contact Beth Yohai BYohai@AIMHRSolutions.com.

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