Workforce Diversity: Unconscious Bias & Inclusion

Navigating through the complexities of the emerging workforce

Program Length: Half-day 

Overview: This program provides managers and front-line leaders with the tools to increase awareness of cultural and generational influences on points of view, interactions, and decisions. During the session, we will explore the impact surrounding the phenomenon of unconscious bias and its potential influence on our judgments and reactions. We’ll examine the responsibilities of leaders in realizing these occurrences, due to their inherent authority over others. We'll also discuss strategies to enhance effectiveness in communication with people from diverse backgrounds; leading by example.


Participants Will Learn To:

  • Discover best practices for leading an increasingly diverse workforce regarding generations, cultures, genders, backgrounds, and experiences.
  • Explore methods for inclusion that provide employees with encouragement and opportunities to make the most of their strengths
  • Review a variety of language, generational, and cultural issues that may affect recruitment, retention, and teambuilding.
  • Define unconscious bias and explore its impact on our behavior and decision making.
  • Investigate strategies to enhance interactions and communications with people from diverse backgrounds.

Program Content:

  • Detailed analysis of diversity; what it is and isn't
  • Group discussion exploring the various diversity issues impacting the participants – including the impact on the financial success of the organization.
  • An exploration into perceptions and stereotypes
  • Exercise on culture analysis of our own “programming.”
  • Review of generational definitions and growing impact on the workplace
  • Define unconscious bias and how it affects our individual point of view and the decisions we make.
  • Build a direction to address differences in your particular workplace effectively.

The class can be customized to incorporate company-specific scenarios your organization encounters.

This class is offered onsite training at your location. For more information contact Beth Yohai

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