Managing in Today’s Legal Environment

Employment claims are filed every day – find out how to protect yourself and your company

Program Length: Half-day

Availability: Offered as part of the Supervisory Certificate Series; as an individual session in public training and as an option to bring onsite to your location.

Overview: This program is designed to help participants understand how employment laws work in the real world - and how they apply very directly to the day-to-day duties, decisions and interactions of managers, supervisors and front-line leaders. A primary focus is to enlighten participants on the many laws that may impact the decisions they make, and how they can effectively manage their teams in compliance of these laws.

Participants Will Learn:

  • A basic understanding of primary federal and state employment laws
  • How these laws relate to their day-to-day duties as a front-line leader
  • To recognize situations that pose a legal risk to the organization
  • An enhanced awareness of how their perceptions, attitudes and opinions impact their decision making
  • To provide practical recommendations and tools to assist leaders as they perform their day-to-day employee relations activities

Program Content:

  • The concept, and realities, of being a legal agent of the employer
  • Explore the realities of employment-at-will
  • Impact of corrective action and the reasons surrounding the need for effective documentation
  • Review of state and federal laws and regulations, including ADA and FMLA
  • Critical employment practices – performance management, documentation, corrective action, and discharge
  • Understanding and preventing discrimination and harassment
  • Review of actual court cases that bring compliance concerns to light

This program is particularly effective in an on-site setting. It can be customized to incorporate specific company policies and practices and to focus on issues of concern to an organization.

Discussion can be crafted to generate discussion and address sensitive internal issues in an objective, non-threatening manner.

This class is offered as onsite training at your location. For more information contact Beth Yohai

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