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Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to HR Strategies.

How do I begin to put together a strategic HR plan?

An HR plan that is not aligned with how the business chooses to compete is by definition working at cross-purposes. More Info

How do I develop a compensation plan that is fair, market competitive and drives performance?

Effective compensation programs establish predictable base and incentive pay for employees that promotes performance, career development, internal equity and equity to the competitive recruiting market. More Info

How do I develop a competitive benefits program and control escalating health care costs?

The annual health plan renewal is one of the largest purchases an organization makes. As such, it requires an internal team and external expertise to set the organization’s health care goals and budget, evaluate the performance of the current plan, assess employee satisfaction with the current plan, identify renewal options, model the costs of the various options and negotiate the renewal. More Info

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