Strategic Planning Facilitation

When was the last time you paused from the daily demands of running your organization, to look forward critically along a one, three or five-year time horizon? 

When was the last time you validated or even adjusted your mission, vision or strategic intent? 

Have you diagnosed where you may have fallen out of alignment?

AIM HR Solutions is well-equipped to assist your organization in developing, monitoring, adjusting and implementing its long-term organizational goals and objectives through our strategic planning consultancy services.

A typical strategic planning engagement focuses on a highly experienced member of our team providing guidance to the organization’s leadership in exploring, refining and defining the following broad categories:

Strategic Business Plan

  • Long term organizational goals and measures of success
  • Mission Statement development and implementation
  • Organization culture objectives and accountabilities
  • Expansion/contraction tactics and support
  • Development of your customer profile

Human Resources Plan

  • Organization structure to support the mission
  • Training & Development needs of the current and future team members
  • Succession Planning
  • Acquisition & recruitment planning
  • Expansion & Contraction guidance, planning and support
  • New venture support
  • Benefits planning
  • Non-financial psychic rewards programs
  • Disciplinary programs
  • Change management
  • Culture goals, definition, development and accountabilities


Developing a comprehensive strategic plan – and the consensus to support it – can be great medicine for your organization.  With “true north” agreed upon, you’re ready to set goals, objectives and action plans that are aligned. You’ll have a refreshed view of external conditions and opportunities and a candid inventory of your own capabilities. Gaps and overlaps come into focus, and archaic management systems or outdated organizational structures hit the radar. Plus, you’ll get an additional view into the leadership styles and capabilities of your senior team!

Outside facilitation by an AIM HR Solutions expert provides a skilled and objective third party who can worry about the process - you and your team can focus on content, consensus and decision-making.  The payback will be readily apparent.

We have experienced professionals who can provide facilitation services that can take the pressure off of you, and help sustain initiatives over the long haul.  

For more information on how we can help you with your strategic planning facilitation, please fill out the contact form below or contact Beth Yohai at 617.488.8335 or

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