State Amends Veterans Day Time-Off Rules

The Massachusetts Legislature this summer amended the 2017 law requiring employers of 50 or more people to provide paid time off to veterans who wish to participate in a Veterans Day observance.
The law now provides that: 
Previously, employees taking Veteran’s Day off were required to be paid. 
The new law continues to make it clear that the time-off requirements do not apply to employees whose services are essential and critical to the public health or safety and are determined to be essential to the safety and security of the employer or the property of the employer.
The new version of the law takes effect on November 7, 2018. 
The employee provided reasonable notice for such leave. To determine reasonable notice, an employer should look to its other practices for requesting time off.
AIM HR Solutions developed a model policy for company handbooks last year when the original law was adopted. Based on the current version of the law, we have updated our model policy.
AIM Member companies that subscribe to the AIM Handbook Subscription Service will receive a copy of the new policy. For those members that do not subscribe, please contact Kyle Pardo at for information on how to purchase the policy or become a member of the subscription service. 

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