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How do I develop my HR Team?

Ever changing employment regulations, evolving recruitment and rewards strategies and trending HR best practices make the development of the human resources professional a key goal for most every organization.

To accomplish this goal, we've mapped a suggested plan:

First, development of an HR team begins with a clear understanding of what laws and regulations apply to the particular organization and ensure members of the HR team are fully trained on those that affects their position. Much of the essential regulatory information can be gained through AIM HR Solutions resources and other employment law seminars and workshops. 

Beyond knowing the laws and their application to the particular organization, it’s essential to focus the development of the HR team against the unique needs of the company. 

Once a plan is developed concerning what education is needed, the question then revolves around available sources of learning. Many HR practitioners find networking forums like HR roundtables, are a highly effective way to learn from others who’ve been there and done that. Non-competing companies who are in similar geographic locations, company size or industries can clearly enrich each other through sharing of information. Formalized education series such as AIM’s Human Resources Levels I & II afford a variety of essential topics delivered by senior HR professionals who share their invaluable experience and wisdom throughout the class. Gaining HR certification through SHRM or HRCI could be other opportunities for learning. 

Since development in HR is a consistent and ongoing process, updates through a variety of sources from a regulatory, HR best practice as well as industry-specific perspective is essential. Many government websites provide an abundance of information. Some include,,,, to name a few. A diversity of resources is best to gain a wide perspective and opinion on a broad range of topics. Some other resources include AIM HR Edge, Harvard Business Review, World at Work and Fast Company. 

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