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Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked Talent Management questions. 

How do I think about building a training and development plan?

Developing an effective plan begins with the broader discussion; What skills are we going to need in the next x years? What do we have in place already? What is the gap? How can we best fill that gap? More Info

How do I provide skill development for my front-line employees?

Like most training, the 4 key stages will be 1) Was the employee engaged in the training 2) Did they learn the skills that they needed? 3) Did they apply those skills on the job 4) Did it make a difference when they applied them? More Info

How do I attract and retain high performers?

Attracting and retaining high performers requires more than a competitive salary and robust benefits. More Info

How do I Identify high performers?

Identifying high performers begins with identifying what success means to your organization. Is it productivity, creativity, relationship building, leading and developing others or a combination of these and other skills? More Info

How do I provide outplacement services for laid off employees?

When an employee is laid off, the company can determine if there is a level of outplacement service that may be available to affected employees. Outplacement is a valuable benefit to employees who lose their job through no fault of their own. It helps the employee focus on the future and adopt the mindset that their job now is to find their next job. More Info

How do I identify and control turnover?

As the maxim goes, “you cannot manage what you do not measure.” This first step towards understanding and managing turnover is documentation. Employers should identify whether turnover was voluntary or involuntary, and whether it was expected or unexpected. The second step is a robust exit interview process. More Info

How do I respond to an increased need for recruiting?

Start by outlining the open positions and ensure there are updated job descriptions with all requirements listed clearly. More Info

How do I develop my HR Team?

Ever changing employment regulations, evolving recruitment and rewards strategies and trending HR best practices make development of the human resources professional a key goal for most every organization. More Info

How do I evaluate online learning as a training & development tool?

In order to evaluate online learning as your training and development tool, you must first decide upon your overall educational goals. If you’d like to pull the team together to build a cohesive unit towards learning a particular topic, then online learning may not be the best approach. More Info

How do I develop future leaders In my organization?

Having a plan on how you will develop the future leaders in your organization is a critical manpower planning task for successful organizations. It won’t happen consistently on it’s own. More Info

How do I develop a succession plan?

We all know how disruptive it can be when a key manager or someone with a critical talent leaves the organization. You lose the person’s expertise, their internal and external relationships, their specific skills. The best way to prepare for smooth transitions is to commit to having a Succession Plan in place for those positions. As a general process, senior leadership should go through succession planning process at least annually. More Info

How do I know if my workforce is thinking about Unionization?

Whether a company is receptive to a union or not receptive – it is important to understand what triggers a workforce to being susceptible to unionization. More Info

How do I provide professional HR services as a small employer?

For small businesses, one of the major challenges is how to properly manage and serve the needs of a growing workforce. Generally, HR handles many of the day-to-day complexities of the company, such as employee recruitment and training, developing job descriptions, compensation, employee relations, employee benefits, legal compliance and payroll. More Info

How do I cover HR during a leave of absence or vacancy in the HR department?

Whether you have a one person HR department or a large HR department, dealing with a planned or unplanned vacancy can be difficult. You may have an internal staff person who can keep the day to day administrative responsibilities moving forward. More Info

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