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How do I respond to an increased need for recruiting?

Start by outlining the open positions and ensure there are updated job descriptions with all requirements listed clearly.

Once this is complete, determine the recruiting sources you may need including; where you are going to advertise. This will vary depending on the level of position you are recruiting for. Print ads in local papers, online advertisements on job boards, use of professional associations, employee referrals, job fairs and the unemployment office are all worth considering. You should also plan who will be involved in the interview process, what their availability for interviews is and what kind of salary and benefits are appropriate for the position. Companies frequently lose good candidates because their process does not move forward fast enough, and their preferred candidate accepts another job offer. If you don’t have the internal resources to advance the process quickly, consider outside help. AIM HR Solutions is one resource that provides an “extra set of hands” for recruiting to move your project to completion quickly.

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