Talent Management

What is Talent Management?  
It is everything that is done to recruit, retain, develop and focus staff performance on the achievement of business strategy. Talent management is a critical aspect of advancing the strategic intent of your organization. Not only does a talent management strategy take the long-term view of how you want your enterprise to compete, but then to distil those strategies into day-to-day actions. It involves how you source and select candidates; how you manage performance; how you train and develop staff; how you identify and develop future leaders; and even how you handle turnover in a way that evolves your organization in its desired direction.

Training Development & Online Learning

A talent management plan, derived from the strategic plan, clarifies skills needed in the future, contrasts with current skills, and identifies the gaps. Although adult learning is largely self-directed, it must be focused on addressing these areas.

Though there are a dozen different ways the adult learner may develop their skills, training is very often a cornerstone.  With that in mind, we offer over 80 training modules which can be delivered either in publicly scheduled sessions or privately at your site.  All are customizable to address your needs.

Some of these classes may be eligible for Workforce Training Grants.


We tailor our solutions to meet your unique situation which may be influenced by such factors as your organizational vision, the size of the organization, industry sector, geography or even where you are in your growth cycle.

We recognize your challenges may range from the standard and expected to the extraordinary. Typical ways we have helped companies include:

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