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AIM HR Solutions offers highly skilled compensation expertise to assist companies on a project, interim or ongoing basis, in supporting their performance management goals. Our experience throughout a variety of industries, large and small, can support your needs.

It’s common for managers to struggle with the concept of performance management.  Few look forward to the process and see little value in the experience. Employees being reviewed aren’t fairing much better with unclear feedback if any at all.

Companies often ask themselves;

  • Are our review tools relevant? 
  • Are we paying a competitive wage?
  • Is our total benefits package viewed effectively by our team?
  • Does our performance management process make a difference in organizational performance and strategy? 

A typical scenario in organizations seeking performance management help is;

The current workforce is a combination of hourly workers and salaried staff. The company has only one performance management tool, and it is used for both hourly and salaried employees. The performance review is a combination of quantitative and behavior based results with commentary from the manager. Managers seldom complete evaluations promptly. The system isn’t working.

In this scenario, we would work with you to develop a more effective performance management system customized to the needs of your company. Perhaps;

  • Develop two distinct performance reviews; one for the hourly staff and a second more suitable for the salaried employees.
  • Design a performance management program that provides feedback to employees more frequently than once a year.
  • Revise the current evaluation tools to ensure the review document becomes a vehicle of constructive and forward-looking information in an efficient approach for managers.

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