Worksmart For Frontline Workers

Prepare Your Team to Understand the Same Principles as Your Front-Line Leadership.

Successful organizational engagement depends upon the support of your entire workforce. WorkSmart is an innovative series of eight workshops from AIM HR Solutions that is designed to give your team the essential skills they need to carry out your organization’s goals, including problem-solving and teamwork skills.

For organizations that have run the front-line leadership program, WorkSmart distils the same concepts to ensure consistency of message and focused reinforcement at all levels. We tailor our discussions around your specific organizational issues and concerns.

Who should attend?

These classes are offered as onsite training at your location. For more information contact Beth Yohai

WorkSmart Series for Front-Line Employees: Eight half-day modules. Offer one or offer all eight.


Class 1: Thriving During Times of Organizational Change

Our reactions during times of change, uncertainty and ambiguity and the consequences of those behaviors can have a lasting effect. Knowing how to keep things in perspective during times of change and how to maintain motivation and a positive outlook, is easier said than done. In this class you will: 

  • Recognize the various forms of resistance – many of which are unintentional
  • Learn how to anticipate the typical human reactions to organizational change
  • Discover ways to stay productive and positive during periods of uncertainty
  • Manage the stress of change in an efficient way
  • Thrive – not just survive – during times of change

Class 2: Strengthening Communications

Do you know what your communication style is? Understanding your own style and how to flex it appropriately can help you to understand others better. Improving overall effectiveness and maintaining rapport at all levels are byproducts of effective communications.  In this class you will:

  • Uncover your own verbal and non-verbal tendencies as well as exploring alternatives
  • Learn the multiple ways that listening skills can be improved and areas to practice
  • Uncover communications pitfalls that provoke defensiveness and practice alternative approaches
  • Learn the 5 C’s of emails
  • Appreciate the influence that attitude conveys in communications

Class 3: Working Together as a Team

What does it take for a team to succeed? Successful team members can set aside their differences and focus on the job that must get done. There are many key ingredients required for teams to work together efficiently and also a number of ways that individual members can contribute. In this class you will: 

  • Understand the factors that predict success or failure of a team’s approach
  • Gain insight into the contributions that diverse styles can make to a team’s results
  • Learn and practice the behaviors that foster excellent teamwork
  • Recognize team life cycles and how to adapt your approach 
  • Explore how to channel conflict in productive ways 


Class 4: Resolving Conflict at Work

Conflict in the workplace doesn’t always have to be a destructive and negative experience. In fact, by learning about your personal style and the style traits of others, you can turn conflict into something constructive. In this class you will: 

  • Understand the nature of conflict in the workplace
  • Recognize the choices available for constructively dealing with conflict
  • Deal more effectively with difficult personalities
  • Discover your personal tendencies for solving problems as well as different approaches
  • Learn how to build confidence in decision-making


Class 5: Today’s Harassment-Free Workplace

It’s essential for all employees to understand their role in ensuring a welcoming, friendly and harassment-free work environment. Learning what constitutes workplace harassment and violence will help you to deal better should a situation occur. In this class you will: 

  • Learn the “non-negotiable” responsibilities for all employees
  • Understand legal and ethical ground rules in a harassment-free workplace
  • Find out how to contribute to a comfortable and safe working environment
  • Review your company’s harassment policy


Class 6: Use of Time Concepts

Time is a premium for all employees. With priorities always shifting and unplanned projects being thrown your way, knowing how to set goals and prioritize your task list, are important skills to have. In this class you will: 

  • Learn how clearly defined objectives are meaningful to stay on task
  • Find out how to anticipate barriers to success and plan steps to minimize those barriers
  • Discover how to prepare for the unexpected
  • Gain essential time-management techniques that can be used immediately on the job


Class 7: Thriving in a Multi-Cultural Setting

To thrive in a diverse work environment employees must know how to effectively bridge the differences amongst their fellow employees and the situations affected by those differences. In today’s world, multi-cultural isn’t merely defined by cultural differences but also gender, disability and “generation.” In this class you will: 

  • Find out how to increase awareness of your own cultural programming
  • Identify cultural influences on behavior in the workplace
  • Learn how to increase knowledge about cultures to reduce potential misunderstandings
  • Discover how to improve communication and resolve conflict among a diverse staff


Class 8: Developing Innovative Solutions and Recommendations

This program provides a structure that generates numerous ideas for the resolution of a problem and then refines those raw ideas into practical solutions. In an integrative setting, you’ll be able to produce specific actions for use on the job. In this class you will: 

  • Understand specific techniques for generating and refining ideas for practical applications
  • Learn the dynamics that can squelch breakthrough thinking, to the organization’s detriment
  • Apply unconventional approaches for solving embedded problems
  • Learn to be open-minded and patient as ideas evolve into specific initiatives
  • Find out how to foster this innovative mindset amongst peer members

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