Fostering Innovation

Program Length: Half-day 

Availability:  Offered as an option to bring onsite to your location.

Who Should Attend: This program is aimed at participants who supervise others at all organizational levels. It is particularly useful onsite in organizations wishing to promote a more entrepreneurial, risk-taking and innovation-encouraging environment

Course Description

The course will review how innovation and creativity tend to be discouraged from an early age and will come to understand the influences on this phenomenon. Participants will identify the cultural influences in their organizations that inhibit innovation and creativity. Participants will be exposed to the skills and techniques associated with brainstorming and practice techniques to encourage participation, risk-taking and innovation. Participants will apply their brainstorming skills to real organizational issues and develop plans to address these matters creatively. Participants will learn the various roles that we play in supporting our enterprises and engage in a survey that helps them identify how they contribute to their organization. We’ll review how those roles impact organizations over time by studying the life cycle of organizations and apply historical lessons to the current enterprise.

Key Learning Objectives & Skill Development

Participants will:


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This class is offered as onsite training at your location. For more information contact Beth Yohai

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